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Easy Online Ordering - Dovetail Drawers

Easy Online Ordering

It is so simple to create and track orders via our secure web-based ordering platform. For your future reference, all order history is saved in your personal online account, and completed invoices can be printed in PDF format.
Midwest Location

Midwest Location

We use priority shipping to help get the orders to your dock as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can meet those demanding deadlines. Shipping time is normally 1–3 days to most destinations East of the Rockies, depending on your exact location.
Volume Programs - Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Volume Programs

We can expand our manufacturing capacity rapidly, which allows us to maintain our crucial lead time commitments. For qualified customers, we offer flexibility and creativity both in our ordering processes and our pricing structure because of our added volume efficiencies.
Secure Payments - Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Secure Payments

By accepting various payment methods including checks, purchase orders, credit/debit cards, and ACH, we prioritize your ease and security. This flexibility allows you to choose the payment method that best suits your preferences and business needs, all while ensuring the highest level of security for your financial information.

Lead Times

In crafting our dovetail drawers, we ensure each piece reflects Amish Country Woodworx's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. The lead times for these custom, handcrafted pieces are a testament to our meticulous process, balancing the need for precision with timely delivery. For the most accurate lead times, please us directly.
Frees up valuable storage space and helps with cash flow.
Allows for dependable production planning and helps meet those important scheduling deadlines for your customers.
FastLead Times - Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes with engraved logo

Various Product Offerings

All our drawers are built using half-blind dovetail construction and have options such as a personalized logo and notching for undermount slides available. To better accommodate your customization needs, we can meet your specifications down to 1/16” increments. (Height, width, and depth)
Custom Dovetail Drawers - Express Series

Express Series

Built from UV finished White Poplar stock.
5 Day Normal Production Lead Time

Standard and Custom Heights

Custom Width and Depth

UV finished White Poplar

Builder’s Grade

Our Express Series is our “Builder’s Grade” drawer. It is built using ⅝” solid prefinished White Poplar stock with a high-quality UV-clear coat. It is very price-competitive and most popular with our closet makers, but it is also used extensively in kitchen cabinets. We usually ship this product within 5–6 working days. Please understand that we do not sand this drawer since it is built using prefinished stock. Standard heights are 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10” but “cutdown” sizes are available on the website.
Custom Dovetail Drawers - Custom Select

Custom Select

Hand sanded and finished.
10 Day Normal Production Lead Time

Custom Height, Width, Depth

Built From Raw Wood Stock

Hand Sanded

Optional Clear Satin Finish

Various species are currently available in our Custom Select category, including Aspen, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, and 3 kinds of Maple. We build these ⅝” solid wood drawers using raw wood milled to the correct specifications. After careful sanding, they are sent to the finish shop for sealer and a clear satin finish. Our standard lead time for Custom Select drawers is 10–11 working days.


When we ship our custom dovetail drawers at Amish Country Woodworx, we prioritize safety and efficiency. Each drawer is carefully packed to withstand the journey, ensuring it arrives in the same pristine condition as when it left our workshop. We choose freight shipping options that align with our commitment to quality, from the moment the drawers are crafted to when they reach your doorstep.
Affordable Rates
Our competitive freight rates keep the entire drawer package affordable and increases our customers' bottom line.
Packaged With Care
We meticulously package each dovetail drawer to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, safeguarding the craftsmanship and quality from our workshop to your doorstep.
Freight Shipping - Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes
Secure Packaging - Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes
Our 5-Step Packaging Process
  1. Carefully stack all drawers onto the pallet.
  2. Tightly shrink-wrap all drawers together.
  3. Wrap cardboard around everything.
  4. Secure the entire load to the pallet with heavy-duty polyester banding.
  5. Add another layer of shrink wrap over everything.
*Note: By taking extra care to professionally package each pallet, there is much less need to replace drawers, potentially missing production deadlines.

Commonly Asked Questions

The first order of drawers arrived today. Wow. Nicely done! These look great and our customers will be pleased. Just wanted to reach out and say thanks!
Sean Leonard, Montgomry Woodwrights, Inc.

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